"Memorable experience through service oriented team Tree Trunk Travel"
31 Jan 2014 A TripAdvisor Member (translated in English from French)

Namaste TripAdvisor is my reference site when I go abroad. So when I saw this small but excellent commentary there three months in India Forum, it made me want to learn more about the agency. What a joy to see that Tree Trunk Travel now has its own page! I first visited their website and was very interested in me two circuits (Buddhist Pilgrimage and Royal Rajasthan). Unfortunately, I did not have the time or money required. But just as I did for four other agencies, I asked for a custom quote: TTT was the only answer to me favorably. Therefore, I was in constant contact with Mr. Sheshpal to prepare the specific itinerary of the trip solo because I must say that I knew what I wanted and could do ^ _ ^ Well only two weeks of my arrived I had not got my visa and that I had a problem to make the deposit, TT continued to work on the organization of my stay. Even more incredible: Mr. Sheshpal took the time to write an email to reassure the heart of my mother worried about her only daughter go on if unknown land. I then felt confident and privileged ... And these feelings are not left me during my experience in India / Nepal 19 days ... I met so many interesting people (men and women and enthusiasts surprising), I had a great time (in the air, on the rails, in a boat on wheels, on an elephant) and I kept so many strong images in me! Really, I can recommend this agency if you want to travel closer to your expectations! It was a wonderful adventure that I will renew when I have the chance ^ _ ^ Thanks to all the people who work for Tree Trunk Travel: I wish you prosperity and longevity !!! Namaste

Reviewed by Ms. Adele Rose Audrey
Country – Canada
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

Reviewed 24 January 2014

I have been traveled with this company in India for 23 days. Mr. Sheshpal organized the program plan with: flights, hotels, Guides on etch city, driver with car thru all the journey since the first step in India till the last moment before The flight back. All company promises were fully accomplished. Before I came to India I did 50% deposit, I was little beet wearied about that, but I can insure you fore 100% not to be wearied About your many at all. excellent company with excellent people with good prices. enjoy your tripe with Tree Trunk Travel

Reviewed by Meir Harel- Israel
Country – Israel
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Highly Recommended”
Reviewed 25 January 2014

My friends & I had wonderful time Tree Trunk Travel. I did the golden triangle tour with this company. We visited the Amber fort. local bazzar of Jaipur and the most wonderful Taj Mahal. It was amazing experience. Our driver Ramesh was very nice and always made us comfortable in the tour. He also shared some of nice stories. Our guide Sanjay in Agra was wonderful. He has great knowledge about Indian Culture.

The selection of the hotels was very good. We loved our stay at Shahpura House in Jaipur. The hotel was nice and the staff was also good. Thank you so very much to Tree Trunk Team to make our tour memorable and wonderful.

Reviewed by Mr. Tony
Country – USA
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Stunning Holiday Stunning Travel Company”
Reviewed 25 January 2014

A friend and I booked a Golden Triangle Tour for one week - Delhi to Agra to Jaipur taking a diversion to Ranthambore National Park to try to spot a tiger. We could not have made a better choice of travel company. They listened closely to what we wanted, found the types of hotels we would like and made excellent suggestions for the whole trip. Our driver and guide were fantastic - we felt completely looked after and made to feel very special guests! The car provided was extremely comfortable. On top of all that, the Taj Mahal is everything people say it is, Jaipur was fascinating and yes, we saw a tiger. An unforgettable holiday and if you are thinking about going to India, please get Tree Trunk to arrange it for you - you will not be disappointed!

The selection of the hotels was very good. We loved our stay at Shahpura House in Jaipur. The hotel was nice and the staff was also good. Thank you so very much to Tree Trunk Team to make our tour memorable and wonderful.

Reviewed by Ms. Alison Rusted
Country – UK
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Impressive service and a wonderful holiday”
Reviewed 27 January 2014

In October I joined a friend who was working briefly in India for a tour of the Golden Triangle. Having contacted a few travel agents (including Trailfinders in London) we chose Tree Trunk Travel because they they immediately understood what we wanted from our trip and came back with a realistic price for the suggested package. They were very easy to deal with, promptly and professionally dealing with all our emails, and tailoring the trip exactly to our needs.

We were very impressed by the service we received from Tree Trunk. The hotels and itinerary they arranged could not have been bettered. The car provided was really comfortable (it even had wifi), we had a lovely and knowledgeable guide and an excellent driver, who were both a pleasure to be with all week and took such good care of us. Everything about the trip really exceeded our expectations and we had a wonderful week.

I will always be grateful to Tree Trunk Travel for arranging such a memorable holiday and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is contemplating a trip to India, especially a tour of the Golden Triangle. And when I go back I will definitely use them again!

Reviewed by Julie Margaret Protheroe
Country – UK
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Excellent service by Tree Trunk Travel Pvt. Ltd.”
Reviewed 28 January 2014

I want to thank Tree Trunk Travel for their excellent services during my 14 days trip to India.

The organization of my tour was excellent from beginning and every part of their organization was excellent.

I found Tree Trunk Travel on website and request for a tour quote through their website. I received a well-planned itinerary with all cost from Tree Trunk Travel. The response was prompt.

The most important part I liked about Tree Trunk Travel, was their promptness while my correspondence was on with them. They were always patience with my questions and were willing to reply in a good proper manner. Their proposal was very nice and cost of the tour was also good in terms of hotels and services.

My main concern started when they asked me to pay 50% as advance and I was really worried while paying them in advance. I did a lot of research work on them and found them to be very reliable travel company for person visiting India. I paid them through PayPal. However they gave me an option to pay through Bank transfer also. I chose to pay through PayPal as I wanted to pay by credit card.

I paid them 50% payment through my credit card and promised them to pay while I was in India. They were agreed on this condition. India is really incredible in many ways. You can find the smile faces all over the place where ever you go. People are very friendly and their hospitality was great. This was an everlasting experience for me and my wife. I can still feel the real charm of India.

Tree Trunk Travel made my trip memorable. I arrive Delhi airport early morning. After custom clearance when I came out I found a person from Tree Trunk Travel was waiting for me with my name. I was very happy to meet him. He was a courteous and very friendly gentleman. He took me to my pre book hotel at Delhi The Metropolitan. Services of this hotel were excellent and all credit goes to Tree Trunk Travel who suggested me to stay at this hotel. This is a city centre hotel so you can go to Connaught place on your own.

We had an excellent tour guide with us who took us around Delhi very nicely. He showed us the places and gave us time to take pictures. He was very calm and courteous. He helped us to find a good restaurant for lunch and he was with is till our dinner as we visited Red Fort for Sound and Light Show. Tree Trunk Travel organized a dinner for us at Chor Bizare. This is very nice restaurant near Old Delhi. Food was great and staffs were very friendly.

We left for Agra with our driver Rana for the tour of Rajasthan. I must admit that Rana is a big asset for Tree Trunk Travel . He is a great friend, very nice human being and an excellent driver. His driving skills are excellent especially on the Indian Road conditions.

Hotel Selection of Tree Trunk Travel was excellent. They tried to provide the best hotel experience in the particular city and it was a great experience for us.

Destination selected by them was excellent. They chose the real Rajasthan and we enjoyed many havelis and palaces during our 14 days Indian expedition.

One representative was always waiting for us when we reached at hotel. They all were very professionals and they gave very proper information about cities. Guides at each city were great and they all helped us to make our trip memorable.

I personally recommend Tree Trunk Travel Pvt. Ltd. To everyone visiting India.

I wish them best of luck for their future.

Reviewed by Sagwa
Country – Japan
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

Reviewed 2 March 2014

Three of us were picked up at Dilli Airport taken to Agra by car with lunch on the way. Visited the Fort in the afternoon and the Taj Mahal the next morning. The driver was courteous and extremely helpful and took us back to the airport that second afternoon. We had absolutely no complaints and would recommend Tree Trunk´s services to all our friends.

Reviewed by Mr. Pavel
Country – Czech Republic
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Extended 40 day tour of India with Tree Trunk”
Reviewed 8 March 2014

We booked an extended 40 day tour of India with Tree Trunk for January and half of February. We admittedly were nervous as this was a costly tour because of the length of travel time, and particularly because we were booking from Canada, so were not dealing face to face with the agency. However, we have to say that Tree Trunk bent over backwards to ensure that our trip was amazing! We were met at each destination by a local agent, were provided with excellent drivers and tour guides in each city, and were contacted frequently by the Tree Trunk representative in Delhi to see how our trip was going. Were there the occasional glitches on a trip of this length? Of course. However, Tree Trunk consistently worked to resolve any issues with promptness, and genuine concern. Prior to our trip, we exchanged many, many emails with Tree Trunk to customize our trip in terms of destinations, accommodations, specific requirements for physical needs as well as specific modes of transportation. We were provided with a thorough and detailed itinerary that clearly showed the cost of our tour, so that there would be no unpleasant surprises. If you are a traveler from North America, Europe or Australia, do not hesitate to book your trip through Tree Trunk Travel, as they are capable of planning a tour that will meet your individual requirements, from low budget trekking through 4 and 5 star luxury accommodations and travel. You may find some Indian travel companies that offer lower prices, but Tree Trunk was very competitive in their pricing structure and strove to give us the best value for our money. We would recommend Tree Trunk Travel to our friends and family, which is the highest compliment that we can give!

Reviewed by Mr. Sheetal and Mark Wood
Country – Canada
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Rewarding Experience”
Reviewed 28 August 2014

From the start, Tree Trunk Travel was professional, courteous, and accommodating. After learning of my travel needs, they sent an itinerary with full details of where I'd be going, what was included, and what was excluded. Since I was planning my trip around a wedding I was attending in India, I had to amend my itinerary often, and Ravi remained courteous and accommodating, responding to emails within hours of my inquiries or comments. From the moment I was met at the airport, throughout the six days of travelling and sight-seeing, to the moment I was returned to the airport, I was treated with respect and enthusiasm. Because I'm a single female, I requested an escort/guide for extra security and peace of mind. Not only was my guide extremely knowledgeable about where we were going, but he also had excellent suggestions for lunch or dinner. Sanjay, my driver, was just as wonderful, always making sure I had enough water (it was hot and humid in North India Tour!!!) and drove like a pro (effortlessly avoided hitting a cow as it meandered across our path). I honestly feel like I traveled with two really good friends opposed to two strangers serving as guide and driver. I could go on and on about how my experience was beyond fantastic! I will definitely choose Tree Trunk Travel again and tell every single person who will listen about my rewarding experience.

Reviewed by Ms. Dennise Gayle Carew
Country – USA
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Good Services”

I traveled India for the first time, so I checked information through Trip Advisor. I sent emails to several travel agents to inquire about tour of Agra (Taj Mahal) including Tree Trunk Travel. In a few minutes later, I got a call from India to confirm my booking. It was from Mr. Ravi, the manager of Tree Trunk Travel. It was so quick response, and I was very surprised and impressed. The reply from Mr. Ravi after that, was always prompt and he gave the good suggestion at any time even if I asked trifle things.

I paid the travel cost in advance via Pay Pal, but I was not worried about it, because I had already read the comments of some other people experiences.

When I arrived in Delhi, Mr. Ravi picked me up by himself and explained the itinerary very clearly. The car provided was very clean with nice and responsible driver (Mr. Sanjay). He actually drove very carefully so I could enjoy the trip to Agra. I was impressed because the Tree Trunk Travel office always called to the driver to monitor the guest progress. So I felt very secure.

The hotel and local guide provided very good, and also flexible to fulfill my needs though I am a photographer and my behavior might be different from the common one.

The most wonderful service was Mr. Ravi’s invitation to dinner at one of the best Indian restaurants in Delhi (Lazeez Affaire)

I really enjoyed because of the good services of Tree Trunk Travel. Thank you Ravi ..!!

Reviewed by Mr. Kazuo Pontoch
Country – Indonesia
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Good Services”

Fully satisfied with the guides. Both the guides are very professional, very helpful and also a good company. Sunil was perfect driver. Incredible driving and always available to satisfy any kind of request. I traveled with him in full relaxations. The trip was perfect and I am very satisfied. I have recommended your agency to all my friends who want to go to India.

Reviewed by Mr. Marizio Cardella
Country – Italy
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

“Good Services”

We needed a guide and driver for a day trip to Dehli and Agra. I used the Trip Adviser reviews to choose Tree Trunk Travel and I am glad I did. Our driver was the best! He was such a professional and made sure we felt safe and comfortable. I was so impressed by the cleanliness of the car and his skill as a driver. We had two guides--our Dehli guide was Jitendra Singh Jhala and he was wonderful! So educated and knowledgeable about the area. He was very flexible as our plans changed (we took it a bit slower since my daughter was feeling a bit ill). We walked Old Delhi and enjoyed every moment of it! We then headed to New Dehli and he escorted us through the sites with skill and ease. I felt like a VIP the whole time we were there! He knew exactly what entrance was the easiest to the monuments, what angles to take photos from, and how to best get around with the massive crowds that the holiday weekend held.

Our guide in Agra was Mr. Dial (I hope I spelled that right!). He made our Taj Mahal visit amazing! He knew every angle of the Taj and how to get the best photos. He took many photos for us so my daughter and I could be in them together.

We wanted to visit Mother Teresa's orphange while in Agra, and he took us happily! It was a beautiful home for children and disabled adults. I highly recommend a visit. The sister's were wonderful and I think the community is very lucky to have this facility close by!

Also, my adult daughter has some nerves about bathrooms, and both guides made sure to find us western toilets on a regular basis. Now THAT is service. Thank you, Tree Trunk for providing such amazing guides for our visit. And.....again, our driver deserves another mention for being so flexible, polite, professional and skilled!

Reviewed by Ms. Michelle Szydlowski
Country – USA
Contact details of travelers: (please write us mail on info@treetrunktravel.com)

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